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The Foundation for the Contemporary Family, a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization, was originally created by a generous anonymous donation from a man who was able to significantly transform his life through effective couples and family therapy.


His intention was to facilitate ways for other families to receive the powerful benefit of good therapy that helped him evolve from a period of deep disconnection to a life of contentment and secure attachments. He also recognized the value of preventing potential problems through effective parent education, innovative clinical research, and creative intervention programs.


Rarely do people donate money to express gratitude for their renewed mental health as they often do for saving their physical health. The Foundation is forever grateful for his incredible contribution and his acknowledgement of the impact on a person’s well-being of having close, healthy relationships


The Foundation for the Contemporary Family has been dedicated to supporting its vision since 2000. Some examples of how the Foundation has been busy fulfilling its mission over the last few years include:


  • Developing the Anatomy of Intimacy continuing education clinical programs for mental health professionals

  • Supporting intensive training in couples and family therapy through the UCI Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

  • Offering scholarships to mental health professionals and graduate students to attend these workshops

  • Providing grants for innovative research and programs on relationships, parenting, divorce, blended families, and sexual health.

  • Assisting the development of creative parent-education programs in local school districts

  • Supporting the My Hero website, an award-winning interactive website for parents, teachers, and children

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