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At its inception, the Foundation wanted to create an ongoing format where mental health professionals in Southern California could receive high-caliber clinical training in the best therapy models and current research available for couples and families in order to stay up to date with evolving trends in relationship science. FFCF collaborated with the UC Irvine Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior to develop a home for these ongoing programs presenting the vast array of evolving issues involved in contemporary relationships..


The fundamental questions we are always asking are:


  •  In what significant ways have couple and family relationship structures changed in this new century?

  • What new information from 21st century scientific research and practice is available that can facilitate the process of relationship development and repair?

  • How can clinicians best help couples and families who are having difficulty making and maintaining connections?

  • What are the most effective treatment models that can aid people in sustaining intimacy and enhancing growth over time?


The Anatomy of Intimacy series of workshops and conferences explores contemporary relationships through the interdisciplinary lens of couples therapy, attachment theory, family therapy, affective neuroscience, as well as cultural, ethnic and gender diversity. Each program chooses a main theme and engages the best and brightest clinicians and researchers in the world to present their work and dialogue with each other. Over the years, the series has become a highly regarded and popular recurring gathering event where mental health professionals have come to expect to learn from the Masters in the field in a stimulating, collegial environment.

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